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How Nail Piercing Trend Became The Latest Fashion Craze

How Nail Piercing Trend Became The Latest Fashion Craze

If you're a unique and edgy nail art fan, you've encountered the nail piercing trend at some point. This latest fashion craze has taken the beauty world by storm, with celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas sporting edgy nail looks featuring tiny hoops, studs, and other jewelry pieces. But have you ever wondered how the nail piercing trend became so popular? 

Ahead, we'll take a deep dive into the history of nail piercing, its evolution over the years, and how it has become the latest fashion craze everyone is talking about. Why it has become a must-try for anyone looking to add an unexpected element to their manicure, so prepare to learn about this unique and exciting trend that's taking the fashion world by storm!

What Are Nail Piercings?

Nail piercings may sound gruesome if your nails are short (assuming there's only one possible place for the puncture), but in reality, they are entirely harmless. Nail piercings involve adding a small piece of jewelry or a stud to the nail's free edge for decorative purposes.

The term "free edge" is critical here – nail piercings are generally done on people with long nails, whether natural or achieved through extensions. While these adornments are commonly worn on artificial nails, they can also be applied to natural nails if they are sufficiently long and strong. However, it's worth noting that natural nails may become more prone to breaking, and you'll need to trim them down when you decide to remove the piercing.

The best part? These decorations are painless. The piercing only goes through the free edge or the tip of an enhancement and avoids the living nail bed (the pink part of the nail).

To sum it up, Instead of causing discomfort, nail piercings effortlessly introduce an unexpected element to long manicures.

Where Does the Nail Piercing Trend Come From?

Although nail piercings may seem like a recent trend for extravagant manicures, the technique has a long history. Dating back centuries, it gained prominence in the late '90s, notably when Janet Jackson showcased them in her "What's it Gonna Be?" video. The trend has experienced resurgences, notably around 2017 and more recently.

The current revival can be attributed mainly to social media. The inspiration behind the nail piercing trend often stems from factors such as fashion, celebrities, personal style, and the desire to stand out. Nail art has evolved into a popular form of self-expression, adding an extra flair to your step with an attention-grabbing manicure. In many cases, social media plays a significant role in influencing nail art trends.

How To Get Nail Piercing

When considering an intricate nail look, it's crucial to research before booking an appointment at any salon. Opt for a reputable and professional establishment prioritizing hygiene and safety, especially when getting a nail piercing. Various places, such as professional nail salons or private licensed nail artists, offer this service. Look for locations with skilled and licensed individuals with specific nail piercing training.

If you have a longstanding relationship with a particular nail artist, you can also explore the option of discussing the technique with them. Propose the idea and inquire if they would like to offer nail piercings as part of their services.

If they express interest, ensure they have the tools to safely and effectively achieve the look. A suitable adhesive like the Makartt Nail Rhinestone Glue Gel, $10 or tool such as the Honoson Dangle Nail Piercing Charms Set, $7) that is harmless to the free edge can be used to insert a small hole for the jewelry. Clients should not hesitate to request clean and sanitized tools for a nail piercing to ensure beauty and safety.

For those interested in trying nail piercings at home, consider using the Maity's Nail Piercing Kit ($15), which includes pliers, jump rings, hoops, and a drill. Whether applying the nail piercing yourself or doing it for someone else, having a separate set of pliers for each hand can make the process much easier. Prioritizing cleanliness and safety is essential to maintain the beauty of trendy looks.

How to Wear Nail Piercings

Nail piercings offer various styling options, primarily determined by the placement and choice of jewelry. Individuals can opt for single, multiple, or a combination of piercings paired with nail art. The positioning of piercings can be either vertical or horizontal, and they can be complemented with vibrant colors and embellishments.

However, tiny hoops are the most popular choice for nail piercings among the diverse charm options.

Nail Piercing Ideas That Are Worth Trying

Ahead are some nail piercing that we personally like and surely these suits every personality and nail choices.

Solid Nails Nail Piercing

A milky white almond shaped nails with minimal hoop earrings, looks like a clean girl would love this so much!

Hanging studs Nail Piercing

Nude pink nails with slightly highlited french tips with hanging studs for nail piercing, aahh looks gorg!

Studs Nail Piercing

As much as we love wearing mini ear studs, we definitely love a delicate stud in our nail piercing, and with a solid white manicure, it would turn heads for sure.

Snake Print Nails with Hoop Nail Piercing

Snake print nails are currently so in as people are loving animal print nail art, and here is your chance to step into the trend in the most playful way possible. 

Acrylic Solid Black Nails with Hoop Nail Piercing

Sharp and pointed coffin nails gives off that baddie vibes and pairing those up with hoop nail peircing jewelry would make you even more!

Initial Jewelry Nail Piercing

Thought of wearing intial of your loved one around your neck, it's time to do something unique. Wear it on your nail piercing to stand out in the crowd.

Star Studs Nail Piercing

Here's a bold take on the nail piercing trend, a highlighted and wide nail piercing like you punched the nail, and add a hanging star studs jewlery on your nail piercing is a great choice for a playful manicure and flaunting the piercing trend.

How Long Does The Nail Piercing Last

Once you've undergone the nail piercing process, you'd likely want them to last. The duration of the piercings depends on the strength of your nails and how much you use your hands. Gel and acrylic enhancements support piercings for two weeks or more, offering more excellent durability. On the other hand, natural nails may only retain piercings for a few days, given their less secure nature. It's essential to be cautious and avoid catching the piercings on anything to maintain their longevity.

Final Thoughts

The nail piercing trend has evolved into a captivating fashion craze, blending history with contemporary flair. From Janet Jackson's iconic '90s video to social media's influence, it's a dynamic fusion of self-expression and style, transforming nails into unique, trendy canvases.

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